Palisades has been transformed into a climate-conscious workplace. The Plant at Palisades will come online this year as a 1 megawatt solar plant, the largest at a multi-tenant office property in the southeast. The solar plant, combined with other sustainable investments, will make Palisades’ carbon footprint 40% lower than a typical Atlanta office property. Ownership also has invested in making Palisades a healthy environment for people.

  • The Plant at Palisades will offset carbon emissions equivalent to 1,594,575 miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle each year.
  • The Plant at Palisades will feature 2,467 solar panels spanning building rooftops, parking decks and a surface parking lot.
  • Functioning as a “carbon sink,” the pond at Palisades is able to absorb carbon emissions from the air.
  • The carbon emitted during constriction is equivalent to 40 years of operations of a ‘green building.’
  • As an all-electric environment, Palisades produces zero Scope1 emissions, or controlled greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Significant investments in innovative technologies make Palisades’s HVAC system more efficient and sustainable.
  • Green purchasing policy that includes everything from chairs made from recycled aluminum to janitorial supplies that utilize post-consumer recycled materials.
  • All lighting in the occupied space, common area, amenity space, exterior, and parking deck is LED and controlled by the building’s automation system.
  • The property is LEEED Gold and Energy Star Certified and received its 2-Star Fitwel designation this year. Palisades won the 2021 BOMA Toby Award.
  • Extraordinary ventilation, natural lighting, and ample green space, contributing to a healthy environment. The building will earn the Fitwel® designation this year.
  • Water bottle fillers across the property in an effort to reduce the number of plastic bottles that end up in landfills.
  • Sustainable plants and an irrigation system that draws exclusively from an onsite pond.